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Product Testimonials

JH - Bournemouth
You recently supplied per post 3 x tap fitments. I subsequently ordered an S1 and rather belatedly wish to thank you for the additional information appended to your compliment slip.

The kitchen tap for which it was required becomes bulbous some 1/2 up. However your quoted suggestion re. hot water made it pliable enough to site over bulbous area and being a tight fit have no need to use the clamp.

Again, many thanks.

CH - Bristol
I must say that I love it! As advertised, it reaches right in to the corners of our sink. I find it particularly useful for rinsing crockery (dinner plates, etc.) and for washing my hands. It also aerates the water and in so doing seems to remove the chlorine taste / smell. The universal joint is also a boon. It means I can fill receptacles - for instance, narrow necked plastic milk bottles before recycling - and use both hands for something else. This is something I could never do with a rubber swirl.

It surprises me that it doesn't get hot when in use; useful!

Aesthetically, it isn't intrusive and blends in well. All in all, an excellent product and well worth the money.

It isn't going to change the world but it does make life just that little bit easier.

AR - Waltham Abbey
Not only saves water but also not as much washing up liquid required.
Excellent product. Should be fitted to taps as standard.

JW - Welling, Kent
Amazing gadget wish I'd had one years ago

TP - High Wycombe
Really pleased with this, very easy to attach to the tap.

JJG - Newcastle upon Tyne
Does what it's supposed to do and my wife is delighted with it.

MD - Isleworth
Brilliant piece of kit! Easy to fit to the tap (several size fittings provided) Once fitted provides a multi directional nozzle with 2 different settings of water stream. Also looks very impressive once attached to your tap. Highly recommended.

R - Rotherhithe
Fantastic. We were thinking of getting a new kitchen tap fitted but this has made it completely unnecessary. Equalises the flow from hot and cold sides, produces a good frothy spray and can be angled into all the corners of the sink and allows kettle to be filled even with a sink full of washing up.

K - Wallingford
Excellent product. Can see the difference in water saving efficiency.
Has two different spray levels very useful.

Very good product, the swivel arrangement proving very useful in a small sink

PA - London
Brilliant! A great improvement - and it saves water too.
I could do with another one for our Utility Room tap!

SL - London

PN - London
Very good, I especially like that you move the head to spray in different directions

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